Presentation & Poster Submission Deadline








Requirements for the oral presentations:

PDF-format presentation (.pdf);

Up to 10 minutes for presenting, 2 of which are for a questions and answers (QnA) session;

The presentation should not deviate in its content from the given abstract

The oral presentations will be presented in the auditoriums where their respective sessions will take place. A handheld microphone will be provided at the location.


Requirements for the posters:

PDF-format poster (.pdf);

Up to 3 minutes for presenting, 1 of which is for a QnA session;

Widescreen (Landscape) (16:9);

Custom Slide Size: Width – 121.7cm (47.9″), Height – 68.6cm (27″);

Font size – 28 pt for the main text;

Graphics resolution – minimum of 300 dpi;

The posters will be presented on digital screens, provided at the location where their respective sessions will take place.

Upload files

Max size 10MB (Should your file exceed this size, try lowering the resolution of the images used, if you continue having difficulties contact the OC directly.)