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Where can I ask questions about the event?

You can request additional information or assistance at the Facebook page of the event.


When is the deadline for abstract submission?

You can submit your abstracts until January 31st 2018.


What is an abstract?

You can find more information on what an abstract is and how to write one in the following presentation.


What are the abstract specifications?

You can see the abstract specifications HERE


What are the poster criteria?


What are the oral presentation criteria?


Is there any accommodation provided?

The registration fee does not include accommodation. However, you can use preferential hotel prices if you choose to stay in the hotel that the organizing committee has provided for you. For more information please refer to the accommodation chapter of the website. HERE 

What are the fees for participation in the BSYSB 2018?

If you want to register below are the participation taxes:

  • For authors participating in the symposium from the Medical University of Varna – free of charge;
  • For Bulgarian authors, who are not students or professors in MU- Varna – (to be disclosed)
  • For passive participants – (to be disclosed) for both MU-Varna students and students of other universities in Bulgaria;
  • For international participants – (to be disclosed)

The registration deadline is (to be disclosed)

DSK Bank PLC, Varna /Bulgaria/


IBAN: BG24STSA93003100040700 - for payment in lv

IBAN: BG05STSA93003400040702 - for payment in euro

Description: Participation fee for BSYSB for (your name)

Presenting author/co-author(s)/passive participant(s)?

How many posters/abstracts can I submit?

You can only present one poster or presentation in the symposium, but you can be a co-author in more than one abstracts, up to a total of 3 abstracts, including any you are presenting.

What is the symposium (BSYSB) about?

BSYSB is an international meeting where students and doctors present their works in the fields of bio-medicine, pharmaceutical sciences  and dentistry, public health.

What will happen on the symposium?

At the event several presentation sessions, in various fields, will be held by students, young doctors and scientists. Apart from that there will be foreign speakers presenting the key-note lectures to all participants.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is in the field of bio-medicine students, doctors and young scientist in  medicine, dental medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, healthcare specialists and so on.

How can I participate?

You can participate by applying for participation with or without an abstract HERE. Attending the sessions and key-note lectures without registering is free.

How do I write an abstract?

For guidelines on how to write an abstract HERE 

How do I compose a poster?

For guidelines on how to write an abstract HERE 

What will be the official language of the symposium?

The official language of the symposium is English.

Where is the symposium going to take place?

BSYSB is going to take place at the campus of the university and St. Marina university hospital.

Can I write an abstract together with a colleague?

Yes, one abstract can have one presenting author and a maximum of 4 co-authors including the academic mentors.
One participant can be an author in maximum of 3 abstracts.

N.B. Abstracts with more authors from the previously mentioned number will not be taken into consideration.